Peddler Market, hosted in Peddler Warehouse on Burton Road, Neepsend, is celebrating its eighth birthday. 

The market is a space for independent vendors and traders to showcase their brands alongside live music, art and food.   

Loz Barker, Peddler’s events coordinator, said: “Peddler is just pure vibes. It’s an eclectic mix of cuisine, live music and entertainment. Throughout the whole weekend, there is something for everyone.”

Peddler began in 2014 as a street food market on Arundel Street. Over the last 8 years, the market has grown into a monthly event, operating out of the 1,000 capacity warehouse. 

At the core of the market are the several independent businesses. Naomi Buckland, who works as part of the small events team curating Peddler, said: “People come because they like the stories behind the businesses… diversifying the traders we have each month brings uniqueness to the market.

“We get a lot of mother and daughter businesses, it’s not just husbands as well. We try and make sure there is a balance of male and female stall owners.”

Peddler’s organisers hand pick different traders for each event, making sure the market represents the best that Sheffield has to offer.  

Sara Laszkowska, who is trading her jewellery for the third time at peddler market, said: “Peddler has been a really good market for me to expose my brand in Sheffield. It’s always a good time even if I don’t make a load of sales, which hasn’t happened yet.

“My tip for starting your own business would be to just go for it. Don’t wait until it is perfect because it will never be perfect. No matter how long you have been doing it there will always be something to improve. You are your worst critic. Take it day by day. Make little goals.”

Sarah Timmins, another small business in Sheffield who was at the Peddler market, said: “We love it. We love doing the peddler market. There are some really nice people there are a broad range of people as well we enjoy watching people.”

For the past eight years Peddler markets have supported independent and female owned businesses and is an integral part of Sheffield’s community.