Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) workers have handed in their petition today to the Department of Transport in order to keep the site open.

The staff had met with the Shadow Secretary for Transport, Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh beforehand.

She said: “The Prime Minister promised to protect Doncaster Sheffield Airport during her leadership campaign, and she gave a promise to do what she could to protect the airport.

“This isn’t just a commercial decision.”

She also urged the Secretary of State to meet the Mayor of Doncaster and MPs and ‘consider using her powers under the Civil Contingencies Act in order to keep this strategic asset running’.

More than 100,000 people have already signed the petition to save the airport after The Peel Group announced its closure.

Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said in his statement today: “DSA is a significant asset to Doncaster and this country.

“Peel needs to reconsider the closure and stop winding down DSA. They need to accept the public sector offer to cover their losses for 13 months while negotiations of a sale are progressed and concluded.”

The owners of the airport declared they will begin ‘winding down’ operations from the week commencing October 31. Their strategic review revealed that ‘no tangible proposals’ had come forward.

Over 800 people are employed at the site. Mayor Jones said further 1900 jobs could be impacted by the closure in industries that rely on the airport.

You can still sign the petition here.