Parliament has passed a bill creating a buffer zone around abortion clinics, that now prevents any protestors from protesting outside of Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital.

The international anti-abortion organisation, 40 Days for Life has been protesting directly outside Hallamshire hospital meaning anyone entering for an abortion would have to pass them. 

Labour & Co-op MP Stella Creasy said: “The point at which you are accessing an abortion you have made a decision and you are not opening yourself up for a debate for further discussion. 

“You simply, and often in a very vulnerable state, want to be able to access a basic healthcare.” 

Although the bill doesn’t stop anti-abortion protests, it does stop organisations from interfering with anyone entering the hospital to get an abortion. 

This zone enforces a 150-metre boundary around a clinic or any building that contains a clinic inside. 

A person within a buffer zone who is demonstrating any support or in opposition of anyone’s decision to access, provide or facilitate the services of an abortion clinic will be guilty of an offence. 

We reached out to 40 Days for Life for a comment on the situation but received no response.