The project began when the first lockdown hit with the aim to document and amplify women’s experiences of the pandemic in Sheffield.

Since March 2021 Sheffield Feminist Archive, a volunteer-run community archive that ensures the cities feminist past and present is preserved has been documenting women’s stories from during the pandemic in a project called ‘Women in Lockdown’.

Sheffield Feminist Archive’s website says: “Women in Lockdown began as a way of documenting and sharing women’s stories, and we hope this digital archive provides a lasting record of Sheffield women’s lives in this world-historical moment.”

During the pandemic the group placed post boxes around the city urging women in the community to depict what their lockdown looked like. 

Other parts of the ‘Women in Lockdown’ project include a women’s stories, sounds of lockdown and a photography section. 

Sheffield Feminist Archive’s website says: “At Sheffield Feminist Archive, our feminism is intersectional and inclusive of all self-defining women, including trans women, and gender-diverse folks who feel comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women.”