This week’s spotlight woman is Emma Fisher, who lives with incurable breast cancer and is the new face of the Adidas Strength in Nature campaign. 

Originally from Nether Edge, Sheffield, Emma, 41, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. 

Emma said: “My dog Flash found a painful lump in my breast. My GP assured me that painful lumps were not cancerous but unfortunately this turned out to be wrong. I had breast cancer.”

In 2018, after a snowboarding accident, she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, as the cancer had spread to her bones and lymph nodes. This is treatable but not curable.

Emma has tried and tested multiple lines of treatment over the years and has recently moved onto her third. She is also on plenty of medication to try and lessen any side effects of treatment. 

She described this saying: “I have a series of injections every month, all to try and keep me alive for as long as possible.”

Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s first comprehensive breast cancer charity, have teamed up with Adidas to produce products that help everyone spend more time outdoors, regardless of physical ability or condition. 

Speaking on the Strength in Nature Campaign, Emma said: “Sometimes you just have to walk up a big hill to remember you’re alive, feel the cold wind on your face, laugh at your dogs, look around and think how grateful you are to still be able to get up that hill. 

“I may be slower than I used to be. But I can still decide on a random sunny day that I want to do it and go do it!”