The 2021 Rugby League Cup started on the 15th October bringing together men, women and wheelchair-using rugby players.

Confusingly named after the tournament was delayed as a result of covid, this is set to be the most attended and most inclusive world cup in Rugby League history.

Sheffield have the honour of hosting 9 of the 61 fixtures with the Men’s England vs Greece at Bramall Lane as well as 8 wheelchair matches between USA, Scotland, Wales and France.

Sheffield Eagles and the Eagles foundation have done their part to encourage women to get involved in the sport, establishing a girls team to accomodate those who have reached the U12s age group where boys and girls no longer play together. A new women’s team has also been promoted after just one season.

The Women’s Rugby League (RL) team was launched in March 2022 and since then, around 30 players have taken to the field.

450 paying spectators watched the women’s semi final against Halifax, showing that there is support for women’s sport in Sheffield.

Tag RL have also launched weekly training sessions specifically to help girls get into the sport.

Wheelchair RL is also thiriving here in Sheffield, with players of any gender, ability and age able to play.

The Eagles foundation launched a Wheelchair RL team in June 2021 after a £17000 grant was awarded.

Currently around half of the players in the team are women.

Emma Pearson, who plays for the Eagles Wheelchair team, said: “The beauty of Wheelchair Rugby League is that it is fully inclusive so once we all get in a Wheelchair, apart from a few rule modifications for players with limited movement, we’re all equals.

“Usually when we play we’re about 50/50 disabled to non-disabled, everyone is welcome, everyone is respected and everyone has a great time.”