Popular Lingerie brand Lounge handed out free underwear in order to raise awareness around breast cancer.

On the 24th and 25th Lounge came to the University of Sheffield to hand out free underwear to students.

‘The Boob Box’ is an initiative set up by the company to encourage women to check their breasts regularly and to raise money for breast cancer.

Students were told prior to the event, to sign up online to receive a code that would allow them to get a free set.

However, students were able to turn up to the Boob Box on the day and sign up using a QR Code that Lounge provided.

Alongside the free set, students received some boob-checking essentials that were put in bags for them.

Throughout the whole of October, they will be touring multiple Universities across the UK with the goal of giving away around 35,000 sets.

For more information on breast cancer and how you can raise awareness you can go to the Lounge Website here: