October is Breast Cancer awareness month and a senior doctor for the NHS Northeast and Yorkshire region is urging women to make an appointment for breast screening or to take up any offers they have received to get one. 

Breast screenings save lives with every year more than 2 million women having a breast screening, 21,000 cancers are found, and 1,300 lives are saved. 

Manveet Basra, Head of Public Health and Wellbeing at Breast Cancer Now, said: “It’s so important to be breast aware and get to know ‘your normal’ and understand what’s new or different for you.

“Checking your breasts only takes a few minutes. It could be while getting dressed, showering or putting on moisturiser. Check your whole breast area, armpits and up to your collarbone (upper chest) for changes.”

Screening services have never been more accessible than now and only take a few minutes 

The NHS recommends the ‘TLC’ approach, encouraging women to touch your breasts, look for any changes and check any new or unusual changes with your GP.

Dr Jonathan Slade, Medical Director (System Improvement and Professional Standards) said: “Get to know how your breasts look and feel at different times and if you notice any abnormal changes, or you are concerned, don’t hesitate to contact your GP practice.”

You can book a breast screening appointment and find your nearest screening provider here: