Sheffield Central Labour candidates have released a statement condemning an outpour of abuse targeted at specific members of the longlist.

The statement, which was released yesterday, calls out ‘racist and transphobic’ abuse targeted at candidates. 

The statement is signed by Mike Buckley, Jayne Dunn, Eddie Izzard, Dr Rizwana Lala, Paul Mason and Abtisam Mohamed.

It said: “Sheffield has a proud history as an open, inclusive and anti-racist city. We champion these values and condemn the abuse directed at anyone. We stand in solidarity with all candidates.”

Jayne Dunn, who is running for Sheffield Labour mp, said: “I am very very strong on women’s rights, but I am also very strong on trans rights as well. It was me who instigated the statement yesterday. I contacted all the councillors and said I really think we should support Eddie.

“I thought we have got to do something here because I won’t have anybody being victimised and I always speak out and you know i thought if this costs me the nomination it cost me the nomination. I can’t compromise my values in that.” 

Sheffield residents and MPs alike have circulated casual transphobia online after Eddie Izzard launched her campaign for Sheffield Central MP earlier this month. 

Izzard was criticised for allegedly being added to an All Woman shortlist, despite said list not existing due to the majority of Labour MPs being women.  

Izzard said: “I knew my candidacy would be questioned by a few. I expected that. Debate is good and it’s healthy in a democracy. But so are facts. I am trans but I’m not seeking to be selected on an All Woman shortlist.”

In an interview yesterday, Conservative MP Lee Anderson made transphobic comments about Izzard. 

MP Anderson said: “Labour have got 51% of their MPs now, in parliament, are females. Now, if Eddie Izzard gets elected, I don’t know whether that increases or decreases the percentage.”

Izzard was commended for her ‘bravery’ by Stonewall in 2020, when she announced that she is a trans woman, preferring ‘she/her’ pronouns.
Sheffield Central candidate Abtisam Mohamed said: “I have a lot of respect for all candidates in this process. No one should have to experience abuse and hate. We all stand in solidarity against this.”