Dr Daniele Bryden is an Intensive Care Consultant has become the new Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. 

The faculty deals with the training, assessment and continuing professional development of intensive care doctors across the country.

In a press release from the NHS, it said that ‘Dr Bryden has worked in this sector in Sheffield since 2001 and aims to use this leadership role to champion the speciality and the development of the intensive care workforce.’

It explains that the aftermath of the pandemic has highlighted the specialist nature of treating critically ill patients.

Intensive Care Medicine Consultant for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Dr Bryden, who also holds an Honorary Senior Lecturer post at the University of Sheffield, said: “It is my great honour to be elected as the fifth Dean of the Faculty. I hope to work with the support and engagement of Faculty members, to build on the respect intensive care medicine has as an indispensable medical specialty and focus on what is needed to create a stronger future as we attempt to focus on delivering care to patients who need us now whilst not forgetting the impact of the recent past.”

Dr Bryden will hold this role for the next three years.

As the new Dean she wants to use her time as Dean to develop the faculty into an independent College of Intensive Care Medicine and wants to focus on improving patient care by concentrating on what matters to patients.