Anyone interested in keeping the community clean can now pick up litter pickers, plastic bags and disposable gloves from many libraries. 

After receiving feedback from community-led organisations, such as the Sheffield Litter Pickers and other local voluntary groups. It was revealed that access to litter picking equipment would achieve higher levels of volunteer engagement, resulting in cleaner and greener communities.

Linda Ball, from the Sheffield Litter Pickers, said: “We are delighted that the public will be able to access litter picking equipment from participating libraries.

“Anyone wanting to be active in their communities can do so. It is satisfying and rewarding to make a difference, and all efforts to keep our city clean are much appreciated.”

With the aim of encouraging more volunteers to participate in litter picking, the council has worked with Amey, its highway contractor, ensuring that equipment is readily available in local areas.

This will allow more people to look after their neighbourhoods and make litter picking more accessible.

Councillor Joe Otten, Chair of the Waste & Street Scene Policy Committee at Sheffield City Council said: “Sheffield already has a dedicated group of volunteers who selflessly give up their time to clean up after others. We all have a responsibility to do more and dispose of our litter in the right way.

“We all want to live in clean and attractive areas. By providing litter picking equipment in multiple locations across the city, we can ensure those who want to make a difference can do so easily, with the proper equipment.”

After Amey delivers new stock to the Central Library, the Council will coordinate the distribution of the equipment to community libraries. The library service will then use its fleet of drivers to deliver new equipment to libraries that require it.

Equipment will be available for collection at any time during the usual opening hours of the libraries. 

For more information about getting your own litter picking equipment. As well as how to start litter picking see this website or contact the Project Lead, Bethany Allsop.

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