Tramlines 2022, which Hillsborough hosted over the summer, brought a staggering £3.8 million to the local economy, an independent report has found.

The Tramlines Trust, which was set up earlier this year, has given 42 funding grants worth up to £30k altogether. They gave £10k directly to Hillsborough businesses.

On top of this, Tramlines 2022 raised £50k for charity, some of which went to The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Foundation.

This foundation was named after a former Tramlines director. It aims to support people in experiencing the ‘transformative power of music’.

Julie Voisey from the Sarah Nulty organisation said: “Not only is Tramlines a high quality, inclusive, safe and family friendly festival, it also supports local charities such as ours, through Tramlines in the Community, and goes above and beyond what is expected.

“Tramlines Festival is not only about fun, but also giving back to our community which is why, here in Sheffield, it is valued so highly and is an intrinsic part of the culture of our city.”

Other charities that benefited from Tramlines 2022 included the NSPCC and Hillsborough Primary School.

Nicole Wileman, the Headteacher at Hillsborough Primary School said: “Being in such close proximity to the festival, the organisers ensure the safety and wellbeing of local residents and businesses is considered at all times. They are committed to promoting the area of Hillsborough to all who attend.”

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