The ‘Green Party Women’ proposed a new constitution last week, aiming to cut back the power of trans and non-binary members within the group. 

The current constitution allows anyone who is gender variant, alongside cis women, to vote or stand for the group’s committee. 

Clause four of the constitution says: “Membership of Green Party Women shall be open to any member of The Green Party of England and Wales. Voting rights at Green Party Women meetings will only be available to Green Party members who identify as a woman or as gender variant.” 

The proposal, which was put forward during Trans Awareness week, suggested removing the term ‘gender variant’, meaning only women would be able to hold power within the group. 

Dylan Lewis-Creser, who identifies as non-binary, has been involved with the Green Party since they were 13 years old, and opposed the proposal, releasing a Twitter statement:

The tweet received an outpour of transphobic abuse. The 18-year-old Sheffield University student said: “Our Green Party mantra is collaborative politics, so it is disappointing to see. Most of my Tweets get transphobic abuse but it is something I have had to accept.

“I’m used to online abuse at this point, as someone who is recognisable within the Green Party and visibly queer. There are some people who just hate me for who I am.” 

After a vote on Monday, the proposal narrowly failed to gain two-thirds of total votes, with 63% of members voting in favour of its progression. 

Turnout for the vote was only 7%, and many members in favour of the proposed constitution rewording are hoping to hold a second vote in the new year.   

Martin Phipps, Green Party Councillor for Sheffield City Ward, showed support towards the trans community during trans awareness week. He said: “It’s really sad to see how much marginalisation trans people face in 2022, with transphobia widespread in media and social media

“Trans people should be able to go about their lives free of discrimination – this shouldn’t be controversial.”

The post gained support from other Sheffield Green Party councillors including Councillor Angela Argenzio and Councillor Alexi Dimond.

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