No Period Left Behind

All across Sheffield vulnerable women are missing out on necessary sanitary products. On average, people with periods spend £13 per month on sanitary products but for hundreds of women in our local area this is simply not an expense they can stretch to. 

 Sheffield City Council doesn’t provide homeless or domestic violence shelters with funding for this issue and as a result, many are left making makeshift pads out of toilet paper and keeping pads on for far longer than healthy. This doesn’t only lead to low confidence within these women, but can also lead to yeast and urinary tract infections. 

 Many of these women do not have access to consistent bathrooms and there is no place in Sheffield where free sanitary products are guaranteed. 

 Through our campaign No Period Left Behind, we hope to work with Irise International and local councillor Jayne Dunn to provide specific funding for free sanitary products across Sheffield. 

Join us on the 4th December for the first ever fashion fundraiser raising money to combat period poverty in Sheffield. 

 Come along to the Nelson Mandela Auditorium where Fashion Soc will highlight their latest designs and Friends of Irise will highlight the importance of period poverty awareness! 

We will be selling magazines, baked goods and reusable sanitary products on the day to raise further money. 

 Follow our instagram @NoPeriodLeftBehind for more information on how YOU can make a difference for these vulnerable women.